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Founded: February 12, 1996 [?]
Location: New York, United States [?]
Domain: YourSite.com
Title: E-Commerce Hosting
Domains: 26,012 [?]
Traffic: * * * * * [?]
Average: (1.0)

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Ed { Customer for less than 3 months}

I must say I had a site with these folks for almost a year. It began well, then they changed stuff. They didn’t notify you of maitenance, instead claiming the customer was responsible to check the your-site forum for outage info. They claim emailing customers to notify them of problems was too much of a hassle. I admit the price was good, but the service really sucked! When I would complain on the member’s forum, I would get ridicule and condemnation not only from the other users, but from the your-site stall as well. When everything came to a head several months ago, several customers voiced their displeasure, including myself, and were banned from using the forums! Upon termination of my account, I was guaranteed I would get a pro-rated refund for my remaining time, and I have yet to get anything, and your-site ignores my emails to them about it. Their customer support sucks.. it can take days to get a simple response, and usually it isn’t what you asked about in the first place. They say their up-time is at 99%, but this isn’t true.. during my stint I am lucky if my site was totally available for 80%… when they had their problems, if they had simply communicated with their customers they would have gone a long way in keeping them.. but they ignore them, berate them and treat them poorly… which is why I left. I would not refer anyone to this web host! STAY AWAY.

Neil { Customer for 1 - 2 years}

One day in June 2003, I found that my web site hosted by Your-Site was not working, neither was I getting any email. I run a small business and rely on email to get client work orders that have to be filled in two days. Since the problems with web hosting have occurred consistently (e.g. 2 days ago, the Frontpage extensions were not working), I considered this normal and gave them a few hours to fix the problem.

After a few hours, the matter had not been resolved so I sent them an email. Sure enough after an hour I heard back from them and the email said, “Your account has been terminated”. I was shocked since there was no communication to me either by email or phone before my account was terminated. I called their support number and got hold of Mr. Derek who (seemingly proudly) announced that it was he who had terminated my account. I asked him the reason why this was done. He mentioned that I had charged back the renewal fees. I told him it was a mistake and there had been no chargeback authorized by me to my credit card company. He mentioned that was between me and my credit card company and therefore it was my problem.

I called the credit card company and they informed me that there was not even a charge appearing on my statement (for the past 6 months) so obviously there could be no charge back. I later found out that Your-site has the billing done by another company. Given them the benefit of doubt I called them back asking them to reactivate my account. They said they can’t do it till I pay them. I agreed to do so. They demanded the renewal charge, $25 chargeback fee, and $25 for re-activation fee (now remember, none of this was my fault). I was willing to pay them to get my web site back up and my email restored since I was losing business.

Guess what? They informed me that I would have to build the site from scratch since they don’t restore information for disabled accounts (I spoke to Shawn this time). This means my entire website was gone!!! (I did have an old backup kept locally in case of unforeseen circumstances such as this) but more importantly since all my email was kept on the server, I LOST ALL EMAIL OF THE PAST 6 MONTHS (Yes, I am such a dummy – I should have backed up my email also!

Their support site is filled with responses that be-little beginning users, the help staff is awful because the attitude of the staff is “You don’t know crap”.

Please do yourself a favor and learn from MY mistakes. Avoid YOUR-Site at ALL COSTS. They appear to be amateurs at this. Take your business elsewhere.

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