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Founded: March 23, 2002 [?]
Location: Texas, United States [?]
Domain: VizaWeb.com
Title: Web Site Hosting – VizaWeb Inc.
Domains: 2,677 [?]
Traffic: * * * * [?]
Average: (1.8)

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23 reviews


Very good uptime, very good support and online community with their forums!

Justin Wallace

100% Uptime

100% Satisfaction

No Problems Yet! :-)

If i could award no stars i would

The single worst host I have ever had the misfortune in using. Avoid at all costs.

You have been warned

Paul Harder

I’m not sure what the problem of the one-star rating was, but I’ve had nothing but excellent service and support from Vizaweb. You have to know what you’re doing in hosting, but Vizaweb makes it easy to setup and manage my hosting.


Nothing but problems with this one. Server down as much as up. Forums were not responded to, then eventually shut down. Support was non-existant (try calling them). Cannot recommend this one.

Jan Klincewicz

Uptime has been pretty good actually, and my tickets have always been resolved pretty promptly. I’m not happy the forums are down and that they yanked SPAM Assassin which made me have to pay for another email host. Overall, the webhosting part has been more than I expect from most.


I mistakenly paid for a year off the reccomendation of Leo Laporte. Now I can’t get in contact with them whatsoever and I can’t get a response from them, customer support is ABYSMAL. Try calling their phone number and you’ll tell the response you’ll get. Now to try and get my money back for services that have been paid for but never provided.

Dont usethem

Initially the service was good, so added another eCommerce site few months ago. From that time on I got very, very bad service. I sent serveral emails to them over 1-2 weeks still NO RESPONSE. Cost us a fortune for eCommerce site by saving pennies on the hosting fees. Avoid this one if you dont want headache and sleep better.


As you can see I have been with this hosting company for coming up 2 years.

Why the 1 star rating? Well first 7 months were perfect ( what you would expect for something you have paid for).

After that the odd downtime, and I recently paid for another years hosting out of my own stupidity and it wasnt convenient for me to switch at that particular time.

WHAT A NIGHTMARE. Downtime lasting from 20 minutes – 2 days! at least 4 downtimes a day! 5 a week! If you like to see the page “this page cannot be displayed” this is the host for you!

Avoid like the plague, I will not be renewing my account! I may just walk and look for a different host in the mean time. As others have said above there is noway you will get compensation or free months hosting due to their negiglence, customer support is very poor like a 9 year old on the end of the email!

Good points….. the price… but remember…. you get what you pay for !

Raven Skie

If this review had been written by me a year ago it would have been very different. I have been with vizaweb almost 2 years now and at first the support and service was fantastic. Support was able to be reached by phone, a ticket system, and live java help were also on the site. Since then the forums have been taken down, no ticket system, no java help and nothing short of an act from God will get you anything but an answering machine when you try to call them. sql server had issues and my site was down for 5 days, they did respond back to my email 2 days after the site was back up. Site went down again and was back up 2 days later. I still have not had that email responded to. I am having an issue with cpanel now and sent an email 5 days ago that still has not been answered. I would advise not to use this host. I have 3 hosting plans with them, and even though I still have 6 months left before my plan expires I will be moving all of them to a new host soon.

Jorge Escala

Worst. Hosting. Ever. cPanel not working. The site is often down. They do not respond to e-mails. They don’t answer the phone.


The worse host ever. They say there is a 24/7 support. I never saw it… Already sent dozen of emails with no reply. Also the downtime is unacceptable. But the worse is that they just canceled my account when I payed for the next tree months, taking my money and all my development scripts. Thiefs ! Avoid this hosting if you don?t want to lost money and time.


The first year of service was fine. After the first year of service ended, I was rebilled for the hosting; considering that the domain was free for the first year I had to renew it. Easier said than done! Since I had registered VizaWeb decided to install a domain management system. That’s nice and dandy but I cannot link my domain to my account. The pricing is great, but it really isn’t worth it if your site is down more than it is up. I was hoping to get some answers, but right now I’m in the dark.

name withheld

Zero customer support… pretty much sums up Vizaweb. I use(d) them for personal and business hosting. For the personal domain, Vizaweb sent a 15 day notice that the domain would expire but I had autorenewal using Paypal. Vizaweb got the cash in their pockets 2 days before expiration and they let the domain expire. Thinking that they did not receive the cash, I sent them another payment. The domain was never renewed. So, I called and e-mailed their support for one week straight and at various times throughout the day and I never had anyone answer. I let it ring for 6 minutes one weekday afternoon. It would continually ring or give a busy signal. I even tried calling at midnight and I was graciously greeted with a “this line is unavailable” message. Once complaint to Paypal resolved that situation in an afternoon. As for the business account, I was sucked in to having Vizaweb register the domain as part of the setup. Of course it was registered in their name. Shame on me. Now, I cannot get Vizaweb to answer any support calls, support e-mails, nothing. I am stuck with having to keep my business domain name on their server. The best part is that when it expires, my business will be without that domain name until it expires. Leo Laporte talks up Vizaweb like it is some amazing company. Maybe Leo could help me out and put me in contact with Rich Mueller the CEO/Co-founder of Vizaweb. You would think that a tech guy like Leo might be able to pull some strings. Let this posting be a lesson and avoid this company entirely.

Kris Chase

I own the domain http://www.chasebadkids.net.

I’ve had their hosting for going on three months now and in this time my sites been down for a week straight at one time, I had no warning whatsoever, and mgically one day it came back up. Then two days later it went down for a day and a half again. in that whole time, evne when my site was up I was calling and calling, sent over 8 emails, have yet to get a reply from any of them. Their “free domain name” was charged to my credit card and they have yet to take off the fee of the “free” domain name, they dont answer their phones, they dont reply to emails, they gave me faulty information to login to my account on the viza web homepage, they changed my hosting plan and billed me for a new one without my consent, DO NOT USE VIZA WEB.


No support, no one answers phones or emails. Excessive downtime. Cancelled my account 2 days b4 it expired and they charged me for another 3 month term a week later anyway. Still trying to get my $80 back. :(


As you can see from above, Vizaweb has gone down hill!!! I first signed up with them and they were great!! Now, my website and email is down for days at a time (and the email bounces, not even held!!!!) and they do not answer the phone nor do they answer my numerous emails. they do not offer 24/7 websupport!! I paid for a year (stupid me) and will forfeit my money rather than stay with them. they SUCK and have the worst Customer Service. I filed a report with the Better Business Buearau on them

Justin Jones

I hold two accounts with vizaweb, and things are just starting to go south. My personal account won’t send or receive email, and the delay on the server for my business account is outrageous. Most of the time, IE just times out and says it cannot find the server.

I have emailed them on several occassions, and I received one reply. The reply said that the issue would be resolved shortly, but nothing has been done regarding my issue.

It was not long ago, I could call them and talk to them directly. Now they don’t even have their company name on their answering machine, which doesn’t consistently allow one to leave a message.

They have not attended to my issues, and while my account includes phone support, they don’t provide any.

At this time, I cannot recommend viza web and am considering legal action against them.

RCH { Customer for 4 - 7 months}

NIGHTMARE! I could write a ‘War and Peace’ length review of this host, but I’ll spare the readers all the pain. I have endured over a dozen outages in the last 3 months. I have received TWO email (form emails…not personal) stating that there were “issues” that the company was addressing. No indication of how long the outages would last. The final straw was a ONE WEEK outage.

This company does not reply to email support requests. Call their 800 or 651 number and you get “We’re sorry. We are not in now. Please call again later.” No opportunity to even leave a voicemail. They get your money and then you’re on your own.

This company should be avoided at all costs.

unhappywithvizaweb { Customer for less than 3 months}

We had them for a year, and the first 7 months or so were fine. Then things started to get bad. Site would go down for no reason, send in a trouble ticket, and never get a response. Try and call, and the phone would just ring (we paid for phone support as part of the Pro plan). No way to leave a message.

They have a forum, but if you post anything negative about them, or the problems you’re having, the posts would get deleted.

You may be asking so what does the 99.7 guarentee mean then? NOTHING! They don’t honor it! If you call them on it, they delete your posts in the forum, and don’t answer your emails. Like I said our site was down for days, and they would not compensate us for anything.

Kerry { Customer for less than 3 months}

Well, much like the reviews you have already read I have similar experience. Started off great. Now sites go down for entire weekends and expect no reply for support.

FizzleWeb Victim { Customer for 8 - 11 months}

Although the negative feedback for this host provider may seem unbelievably bad — *believe it!*

I’ve been with FizzleWeb (okay, just for clarity sake, I *am* referring to *VizaWeb* by my favorite pet name) for 9 or 10 months. The up-time/down-time has not been up to the promised service level agreements (they promise something like 99.7% uptime) though this makes little or no difference as they would never give you a prorated refund or a month’s worth of gratis hosting for your trouble.

As may others have aluded to, the most infuriating aspect of FizzleWeb is that they never (and I mean NEVER) respond to support requests or outages in a timely manner — if at all! I have NEVER had a support request responded to. My web site (along with many other FizzleWeb customers’) just came back up after a several-day outage and FizzleWeb has not responded to any emails or forum posts on their customer forums. There is much open and supportive discussion on the customer boards about what hosting provider is best for us all to move to — and believe me, many of us *will* be moving in the very near future. I will be abandoning a few months of pre-paid FizzleWeb hosting, but whatever I pay to get away from FizzleWeb will be money well spent.

Stay away from this bad boy!!!

Josh { Customer for less than 3 months}

With a mishap of several servers being down for at least 2 full days, I allowed for an excuse if Vizaweb could provide a reasonable one.

Not one word. They haven’t posted in their forums, replied to emails, or anything.

Every few months you receive an email about “thankyou… we are fixing the problems” but things are only getting worse.

Good functions, but if you want to run a half decent website, you need support and Vizaweb has got none of it. They average around 7 days for a support request to be looked into. Disgusting

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