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Virtuoso Net Solutions

Virtuoso Net Solutions

Founded: March 15, 2004 [?]
Location: New York, United States [?]
Domain: VirtuosoNetSolutions.com
Title: Virtuoso Net Solutions: Web Hosting
Domains: 2,252 [?]
Traffic: * * * [?]
Average: (2.3)

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3 reviews

iTalkHost { Customer for 8 - 11 months}

This company is A1. I love the fast support and the extremely fast servers. I never had downtime and everything has been smoother than expected. Highly recommended!

Prefer Not to Disclose { Customer for less than 3 months}

they are fine if you dont run into support problems. Their site offers JSP service for Reseller Gold level, but when I upgraded my plan, JSP would not work. WHen I complained — the support staff were rude and treated me with disrespect. When I complained about the level of service — they suspended my accounts summarily for “complaining too much”. I had no chance to make alternative arrangements as well. Would not recommend to anyone who has more than the basic level of need.

on a need to know basis { Customer for 1 - 2 years}

Agreed! These guys are a waste of your time. They are rude and belittling. And to think they call themselves Christians. A Christian would not treat people the way that they do. Their support is the most horrible thing ever. I can’t even believe they call it support. They are willing to take yor money, but when a problem occurs, they won’t answer your calls nor will they answer any of the support channels they have setup. Don’t use them at all costs…no matter how cheap they are….None of their services are any good!

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