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Founded: December 7, 1996 [?]
Location: Colorado, United States [?]
Domain: Verio.com
Title: VPS, web hosting and Managed Hosting from Verio
Domains: 295,774 [?]
Traffic: * * * * * [?]
Average: (1.0)

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Mark { Customer for more than 2 years}

I had problems with VERIO. Our company has leased a dedicated server from VERIO for about 4 years. VERIO pricing is much higher than most, but we figured it was worth the extra cash to get the peace of mind of leasing a dedicated server from such a large and prestigious company.

Part of our configuration purchased from VERIO in the lease was a backup hard drive and a script that was to backup our server daily to the second hard drive. Unfortunately it was not until the first hard drive crash (yes, I said first) that we had come to learn that this backup solution was no backup at all, and because of the size of the data on the main drive, had quit backing up several months earlier.

VERIO’s solution to our hard drive failure and loss of backup was to install a new drive and send an email saying thank you for using VERIO. Some help from a company that I had paid some $14K + too. Our company was out of business for several days while we rebuilt our web server from our own back ups and other local file sources. The hard drive crash cost our company about $6,000.00 Did not get anything from VERIO, not even a sorry.

We stuck it out with VERIO. I know they do not make the hard drives, and despite their lack of help in an emergency, they had provided constant service. About 8 months later the main drive failed again. VERIO took about 9 hours to install a new drive, and then sent me an email with thanks for using VERIO. It took our company about 3 days to reconfigure the OS and support programs and reload our backups (think we would trust them again?).

Total cost of that drive crash was about $5,000.00 in loss of business and overtime.

I do not know why the hard drives crashed, and honestly, I do not care. Our first priority was to MOVE AWAY FROM VERIO. We completed the move in about 5 days it was a bit painful, but only cost about $3,000.00 + the cost of the new hosting from another company. It was only after canceling that I was told the VERIO service agreement requires 60 days notice, and I will be paying for two months of service I am not going to use. I tried to explain that we had to leave because the service VERIO was providing was about to put my company out of business they could care less. They never responded to my email, only the last letter stating my bill would arrive shortly for the remaining 60 days.

It was a very disappointing experience overall. A company that is supposed to be in the business of helping and servicing other companies and I was probably treated worse than their $19.95 a month dial-up customers. I do not recommend this company

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