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Founded: November 13, 2003 [?]
Location: Niedersachsen, Germany [?]
Domain: u2mike.com
Title: Web Hosting, Resellers, Dedicated Servers, Server Management
Domains: 1,393 [?]
Traffic: * * * [?]
Average: (2.3)

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3 reviews

Arin { Customer for less than 3 months}

I have a reseller account here and so far I have loved it. Support is fast and very knowledgable! They are always willing to go out of thier way to help out.

Kris { Customer for less than 3 months}

I don’t know why, or if they plan to return, but this provider has *dissapeared* without warning. As of the time of writing this, thier site has been unreachable for 4 days (along with thier servers).

Charles { Customer for less than 3 months}

Michael Warner (previous owner) sold u2mike.com and left ALL of his customers hanging!

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