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Founded: July 15, 2002 [?]
Location: United Kingdom, United Kingdom [?]
Domain: Streamlinenet.co.uk
Title: Streamline.net – The home of good value web hosting
Domains: 12,129 [?]
Traffic: * * * * * [?]
Average: (1.4)

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8 reviews

Anonymous { Customer for less than 3 months}

Despite claiming 99.9% uptime and 24/7 tech support, Streamline has been very poor

gingajim { Customer for less than 3 months}

We recently asked StreamlineNet to take over the hosting of one of our websites as we believed they were offering us a good deal, mistake number 1.

Despite our specific instructions to only change the IPSTAG reference and NOT to touch our DNS records what do we discover first thing Monday morning? A new MX record now exists on the StreamLine DNS server with a priority of 5.

Thus, all our email was being delivered to their POP3 server and not our exchange server.

We then contacted their online support with an emergency log to attempt to resolve this issue.

2 hours (and much frustration) later they reply to say they do not supply MX records, however these new records only existed on the Streamline DNS servers.

We then replied to them explaining again in simply words of 2 syllables or less what the problem was and asked if someone could call us to discuss this issue.

Their response? Thank you for your query but we do not supply telephone support.

We sent them another message explaining how this was affecting our customers ability to talk to us and we needed these records removed.

Again, they responded we don not control MX records.

Now let me think, they make DNS changes to our record, our previous supplier Demon makes the same changes and manage to leave the old MX records intact. Where could this problem be coming from?

Eventually after about 5 hours of repeating ourselves about the problem, having to manually download all our email from their POP3 server and forward it manually around the company, we gave up and asked Nominet to force the records back to the previous setting.

So the outcome was we signed up to Streamlinenet, Website address was not moved, lost email for a day and had to pay someone else to sort out what Streamlinenet had done to the DNS records.

All in all not a happy bunny.

Take my advice, these people are cowboys who do not know what customer service is keep as far away from them as possible. They may be great if it works but as soon as you need support you may as well ask Microsoft what the error message on your LINUX box means.


Well, what can i say? i picked streamline because of the fantastic deals they seem to offer.

Support is poor, if somthing goes wrong, they still tak eup to 12hours to reply, and they provide no phone support.

They have also been acked into several times, that in itself is worring.

As for the actual service, the website when its up is no problem, but the sql databases for a forum, is rubbish. I lost count of the number of times it went down, and there response was “sorry, we cannot replicate the error”.

Avoid at all costs, oh and the full refund if they can’t meet your needs, is rubbish, they dont abide by it. Cowboys.

kush { Customer for less than 3 months}

I too was sucked in by the low cost of hosting, however I stated at the outset to the sales person that I did not want the MX records interfered with and made it very clear that we have our mail ‘screened’ by third party for spam and viruses. not a problem – WRONG! Streamline promptly took control of the MX records and all emails – instead of going to mailwallremote went off the Streamline POP addresses and as with gingajim above got the standard reply “Unfortunately we do not support the configuration of DNS Zone Records, this includes A, CNAME, MX and PTR records. Apologies for any inconvenience.” looks like we may have to pay more money to get out of this mess unless Streamline can actually deliver what they said they could?

We shall have to wait and see on monday morning? (its sunday night right now)

David { Customer for more than 2 years}

They have their ups and downs, but you pays your’re money and you takes cour choice.

I have found their site hosting extreemly reliable and when they introduced telephone support, it was fabulous. Friendly, knowleagable and helpful guys. The on-line services are good and easy to use.

In the last two months things have changed though (may 2009). I think they have been acquired and the support has moved to the Philipines – not in inself bad, but you’re now stuck with half-informed, half-empowered “smothers”, rather than “dooers”.

Also, the POP3 email servers have been incredibly nreliable for 2 months.

Streamline Reviews { Customer for more than 2 years}

Just a terrible service from start to finish. Please do yourself a favour and avoid this company. The worst part is having money removed from your bank account without permission and without refund.

Gareth Lewis { Customer for more than 2 years}

A terrible terrible company. I had a very successful website that got a lot of spammers in a short period of time. Instead of alerting me to the problem and helping me get rid of them, they simply took down the site and put all sorts of blocks on me getting the information from the site to relaunch it. I did everything I could to get help from them and they just blanked me. It killed a site that was making me about 10k a year.

If you ask them a simple, clear and specific question, they will ignore it and give a generic answer. Anything complicated and they’re not interested / don’t have the knowledge to sort it out. Their help pages would embarass a GSCE computer student.

The bottom line is this – if you never have a problem, then you will never have to use their customer service and, like one of the above reviewers, you’ll never see the worst of them. If you do have a problem, you’re on your own and you’ve lost your website.

Ian Bradford { Customer for more than 2 years}

Use Streamlinet if you want to be ripped off. They hold your credit card details and renew hosting without telling you. If you try to cancel they ignore it. I would avoid

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