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Founded: August 13, 2003 [?]
Location: Massachusetts, United States [?]
Domain: Startlogic.com
Title: Web Hosting by Startlogic
Domains: 147,786 [?]
Traffic: * * * * * [?]
Average: (3.0)

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anonymous { Customer for 4 - 7 months}

I have a fun site with this host, which requires ASP and ODBC for MS Access. This was, by far, the least expensive host that had the features and space I needed. So far, I haven’t been disappointed.

Setup was prompt and without problems. I registered my domain name through a third party, so I can’t speak for how well StartLogic’s domain registration worked. They send an email with all login information and a test site URL, so that you can transfer domain names at a later time. ASP pages render quickly and correctly, and database access (once you remove the read-only flag in the file manager) is without problems. One note though – according to their site, they provide access for MySQL and MS Access – NOT MS SQL Server. If you ever think you might upgrade from Access to SQL Server, I don’t know that it can be done with this host.

Their control panel is a bit confusing and some of the features are hidden in places you wouldn’t expect to find them. This could definitely be improved upon.

During my one tech-support call, the support person was helpful and knowledgable, but not very professional. That is, when I gave him my URL so that he could look at my account information, and I told him the URL of the fun site I have with them, he laughed. Which is fine – the URL *is* funny – but he continued to laugh for about a minute. And from that point, I got the impression that he was talking down to me – but then, I get that impression most of the time I talk to tech support people. He WAS helpful, though, and my request, IIRC, did get resolved promptly.

All in all, really good value for a web host, if you need ASP and low-level database access, but don’t need a whole lot else.

Average { Customer for less than 3 months}

They would be an outstanding web host if they can ever figure out how to run a mail server. For a week now they have been having mail server issues and we have been (and still are) getting e-mails up to 5 days late. If you want to get your e-mails the same day they are sent then go to another hosting company. If you don’t care it takes a long time to get e-mails then Startlogic is just right for you.

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