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Founded: June 18, 1999 [?]
Location: South Dakota, United States [?]
Domain: Space2let.com
Title: Space2let.com – Cheap web hosting, Bangalore, India – domain registration, Bangalore, India -
Domains: 3,563 [?]
Traffic: * * * * [?]
Average: (1.5)

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14 reviews


Expensive, slow server


Please don’t host any more with this service provider….


I’m currently suffering from severe Space2let-ophobia.

I wanted to transfer my domain administration to another vendor, but S2L have actually refused to give me the info I need to effect the transfer.

How is it possible for a business to treat its customers so badly, and still be in business?

Here are some of the ACTUAL comments from one of their ‘senior management’ in my call with him earlier today: “I dont have to do any service to outgoing customers”; “I’m not interested in talking to you”, “The registrar has put in a policy of one month advance notice” (that was a lie); “This is our policy. You can either accept it or dispute it.” [CLICK] (yes, this guy actually hung up on me).

I’m still wondering what to do, because my domain expires in a week, and I’m basically at these people’s mercy.

Why dont you try Linxindia.com? The guy is new, but qualified and service oriented. Thats where I am moving our company’s domain.



The company is full of irresponsible, dumb and incapable employees. They have taken more than a week to send a simple mail. I strongly advise not to host in this company.


space2let.com I believe is the worst company there could be in terms of hosting a website. The way they work is pathetic. You don’t get any response to your mails to their support centres… Any phone calls if you get through and hung up saying somebody will call back soon…. All false promises nothing else…. DON’T GO WITH SPACE2LET… SERIOUS ADVISE.

Joseph { Customer for less than 3 months}

I have been stuck with this company since 2000 and there is no way theis company is going to let go of my account. the worst service in the world, run by the worst management who are equally rude to customers.

never recommend this to anyone

Anand { Customer for more than 2 years}

I had booked a domain kundalaniyoga.com with this company. Never they gave the control panel details. My customer ( a non internet savvy user) lost the mail account given at the time of registering the domain. Repeated requests to change the email id was not answered.

Currently I cound not even renew this domain and it got expired ( their representitive never recieved the phone calls)

I had to recieve severe comments from the customer and I ended up loosing the credibility and the customer.

Never recieved the hosting control panels for the other domains hosted with them.

The worst service I recieved from any web host.

After 2-3 years of struggle, I have finally successful in transfering all my domains out of this company.

( Forgot to tell you that, I lost my high traffic site wcricket.com as they denied the domain transfer request)

ari { Customer for less than 3 months}

In india.. never ever make any deal with these people!! I ll give u their address:

#25, Gover Road,

Off Wheeler Road, Cox Town,

Bangalore – 560 005

These people are big crooks!!

These fuckin people are 3rd rate..

I can speak a lot abt these people.. but 1st i gotta try to shift all my domains to some other GOOD HOST!!

kshiiteej { Customer for 1 - 2 years}


The list is unending…

Stay away or you are doomed…

thomas { Customer for less than 3 months}

we’ve booked domain names supremegranites.com,realmetals.com,icongroup.co.in,aryadevelopers.com,serenetechnologies.com with space2let.com.also i’ve hosted many sites after purchasing a reseller package.in the begining i was not aware about the pathetic service they offer.i can say now i’m suffering from dealing with space2let.com.neither they knows how to solve any technical issues nor they want to properly answer or reply to our calls.i lost lot of money going there,making calls so far.The worst thing is they don’t know both padmasree & harish how to behave.they r really maintaing 3′rd rate attittude towards thier clients.recently i heared they have good conncetion with the local police guys here in bangalore and they have also hosted the bangalore police’s official site.so they have a feeling that nobody can sue them or practically do nothing against them.oneday i hope people who lost money at space2let.com will join hands and teach them a lesson.

RPR { Customer for more than 2 years}

Agree with everyone here. I had my domain registered here in 1997. Two years later they removed my database (AFTER I renewed for 2 more years). Worked myself down & said OK. Often their servers are down – no messages to advise about it.
They migrated from hostflow to plesk – no messages.
Till date I have not got any email on how to access the plesk panel.
Phone calls (I am in Canada) have no result (too often there isnt anyone to answer despite their ‘proud’ claim of 24 hour line.
Want to shift my domain to another but have been told that I need to pay to have this service.
Any suggestions ?

- RPR.

anil { Customer for more than 2 years}

Never ever belive this company. Surprised to see that they have
http://www.goldfinchhotels.com/ and bangalore police on the client list.

Dharmendra Asimi { Customer for 4 - 7 months}

Pathetic, horrible, terrifying, stupid and worthless service.
Fraudsters, cheaters and any word is not enough to define them dont ever buy any thing from this company, if you do then you will be stuck and you might have to face a struggle of your life time to get out.

Srini { Customer for more than 2 years}

Dealt with them for over 8 years !
And was too late to realize that they had ripped me off !
Padmasree and Harish, pretend to be the most holy saints in the world…. but are the biggest fraudsters and cheaters ever !

Please stay away from this company. Its just not worth the headache.

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