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Founded: March 20, 2001 [?]
Location: New York, United States [?]
Domain: Simplicato.com
Title: Simplicato, Inc. | Email Hosting Company | IMAP, Business Email Hosting, Email Archiving, Mobile Email Services, IMAP Mailbox, WebMail
Domains: 3,320 [?]
Traffic: * * * [?]
Average: (1.3)

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9 reviews

blah { Customer for less than 3 months}

terrible support, unresponsive once you’re signed up. go elsewhere.

Rob { Customer for 8 - 11 months}

Terrible timeouts and unresponsive servers and this is even when using over a 10mb connection. Honestly, avoid these guys for IMAP service or else you’ll be thoroughly disappointed.

Robin { Customer for more than 2 years}

Simplicato continues to charge my credit card 18 months after I discontinued service. I’ve called, I’ve emailed and have begged that they stop charging me. I have to do a charge-back every month! That is just cheesy and unprofessional… AVOID!

Pete { Customer for 8 - 11 months}

Support sucks. Won’t tell me why they have downtime. Won’t tell me when to expect service. My business is shutdown, if I wait for them. Too many unexplained outages. I am going elsewhere.

David { Customer for more than 2 years}

I’ve been a Simplicato customer for more than 3 years with multiple domains (reseller account) and have never had a problem that they didn’t resolve quickly and professionally. I don’t know which person wrote the reviews with 1 star but it sounds personal to me.

No service is perfect but whenever I have a problem or question, I call or email them and I’m always happy with the answer or resolution.

They recently notified me that they are releasing a new off-site email backup system (Imap Backup and Archiving) using Amazon’s web services. According to their email, the new system will backup emails hosted by any email provider but I love the fact that it’s free for Simplicato customers so it won’t cost me anything extra.

If Simplicato was the kind of company where those negative reviews were true, I wouldn’t trust my emails to them and I especially wouldn’t trust my customer’s emails to them otherwise I’d be out of business really fast.

Don’t take my word for it, and don’t take the word of the person who wrote those negative reviews for it. They have a 30 day money back guarantee so you can try them and make up your own mind.

BTW, I don’t usually take 10 minutes out of my day to write reviews but those 1 star reviews are so offbase that I just felt I had to say something.

Good luck.

Thomas { Customer for 4 - 7 months}

This service sucks period!

Timothy { Customer for 4 - 7 months}

I agree with Thomas, the service sucks! Up and Down like YOYO! No service is perfect, but this one is just too unreliable to make it seem like the reality of the descriptions is just bitchin and moanin

Mary { Customer for 1 - 2 years}

My webhosting company uses them so I unknowingly had this company hosting my emails. Had a couple of problems and the service really does SUCK. No return phone calls or emails. When they do get around to solving your problem – no sorry for your inconvenience, etc. just a rude email stating they solved the problem. Moving my business TODAY!


I paid for this service a month ago and the service is not operational.

I had a tech expert work with me

The tech expert could not get the emails to work properly

The support staff is rude and offered very little help.

Also, they charged my credit card additionally charges without my authorization.


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