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Founded: November 21, 2003 [?]
Location: Georgia, United States [?]
Domain: ServerWay.net
Title: Reseller Web Hosting – Dedicated Servers – Colocation – Shared Web Hosting by ServerWay
Domains: 4,073 [?]
Traffic: * * [?]
Average: (3.0)

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2 reviews

James { Customer for 1 - 2 years}

Great uptime, good support. I have never really had a issue with this host. They are good to us. Reply to e-mails in less than an hour. A+

James { Customer for more than 2 years}

This used to be a good place to host your site and game server, but it has gone way down hill in the past 6 months (November 2005 as of this review).

Customer service is insulting and appalling.

Use these guys only if the service is free.

After years of being with these guys, our servers went down. No backups were maintained and they just discontinued supporting our game server. They had some issues with their provider, but the lack of even a civil response is just intolerable. They won?t be around very long with the attitudes and poor quality of hosting and service continue.

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