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Founded: August 14, 2000 [?]
Location: United States, United States [?]
Domain: RegisterFly.com
Title: RegisterFly – – domain names, web hosting, web blog, ssl certs, site builder, email
Domains: 2,801 [?]
Traffic: * * * * * [?]
Average: (1.1)

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Registerfly never game me a DNS that worked. Their customer support is horrendous.


I dont use them to host my website just for e mail etc which should be rather easy on them, but they are very poor as I think their servers are powered by mice running on a treadmill…I never get my mail and asked for my money back and never recieve a response…please look elsewhere for service.


Stay Away!!! They let my domain expire without even a notification email. I had a chat with their support. He said they usually send three notification emails urging the customer to renew! I DID NOT receive any, I swear! I’ll transfer the 8 remaining domains I have with them to another registrar soon.


Avoid RegisterFly.com like a whore with herpes. (Seriously, it’s that bad.)

I have been hosting with them for quite awhile – my website goes down for several hours at a time every 14 days or so. I went down for 50+ hours over Memorial Day Weekend, as did others. My web-based email hasn’t worked in days.

I am happily moving to another registrar and am on a personal mission to warn others about RegisterFly.com

If you choose to use RegisterFly.com anyway, don’t complain about getting screwed over – you were warned.


Terrible! Do Not Ever sign up with them. They brought a server down and refuse to tell me when it will be back up…. it now has been two days and still no response


Terrible. I was hosting with their Windows ASP.NET server and within the first 2 weeks of hosting, my site went down for a few hours and then the MySQL database went down two times during the week. Tech support took 48 hours to respond. For registering domain names, great. For web hosting, suck.


Registerfly is one of the worst companies I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with on the web. Avoid it like the plague.


I have had enough. This is just crazy stuff. I have been hosting a number of websites with them and they go down frequently. Customer support is either ignorant, condescending or not there. I have had my sites down for days at a time. Stay away from this company. I am now working on moving my Sites away.

Christopher Clay

In 2004, Registerfly completely and irrevocably lost my domain. I renewed it as usual, the payment went through and was received, their control panel showed a sucessful renewal. Only problem: they actually didn’t renew it at all. A month later, some random guy from Panama was able to register my domain at a different registrar.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough: I didn’t receive a single reponse to my support ticket on the issue!! After two weeks of being ignored I eventually emailed their parent company “unified names” directly, and got a note that they were surprised how this could have happened and they would look into it. And then nothing more! NO excuse, NO refund, NO acknowledgement WHATSOEVER! It has been over a year since then, and I never heard from them again. This has been the absolute worst experience I have had dealing with any company so far.

The only advice I can give is: Stay away if you value your data at all!


Unreliable and RUDE. They have no concept of customer service once you sign up. Within the first month the site was down on two occasions for over 5 days – they continued to lie about why and when it would be back up.

Mark { Customer for less than 3 months}

Beware – Read Before you decide to do business with Registerfly.com.

Here is my nightmare story about Registerfly.com:


John Denton { Customer for 4 - 7 months}

Yes, its absolutely true. RegisterFly.com is absolutely TERRRIBLE! My website was down at the very least once per week for several hours at a time and their webmail is slower than molassas in january, and that is when it does work. Their idea of a good server is a Tin Can. Stay away! I’m now hosting with HostSave which is 500% better.

JD Bronson { Customer for less than 3 months}

Now my story….

I have been a customer of theirs for over a year. I had a few bumps, but nothing major.

I was recently approached by a person in Taiwan to purchase one of my domains I had. Ok..fine… So I asked for $1500.00 US Dollars and he agreed.

I decided to use RegFly Escrow to protect buyer/seller – but I never thought I would need some protection for the protection(escrow)!

The sale completed fine. The buyer paid by credit card. My domain was moved over to him in 48hrs (he had a regfly account – so it was an internal transfer). Buyer was very pleased.

This was August 26th 2005.

Then the trouble began.

1. I contacted Sales to ask what happens next – to my money.

They told me I can have a check sent or leave the credit in my account and use it against any future regfly purchases. I wanted a check issued.

I was advised that it would take 3-5 business days.

2. After waiting more than the required time..nothing arrived. So I started opening up trouble tickets. Each one would be closed with either “Assigned” or “We had sent this to the proper department” – Still no reply.

3. I started calling. I called EACH day. I was on hold for over 1hr just to have some snot-*** woman answer the phone and tell me I need to send an EMAIL to ‘sales’ to ask for status. I asked to be transferred. She told me “sales does not have phones” – I certainly dont believe that. I told her I sent many emails – all un responded to. She told me there was nothing more she could do.

4. I then (after opening up more tickets and email to ‘rapid’) – was told that a check would go out Sept 6th 2005. At this point I felt better. I left for out of town and expected the check when I returned.

5. I returned on Sept 18th. No check. I called and was again told to email ‘sales’ as there was nothing the cust service lady could do.

6. I then opened up ticket after ticket..Each day, hoping to invoke some response. They would again close them with ‘assigned’ or ‘Investigating’.

7. I received an email from the trouble ticket stating that this check must have been ‘lost in the mail’ and they were verifying with the bank that it was not cashed. I was dumbfounded after reading that. YEA RIGHT.

8. Days and days go by. Each time I am told they are checking with the bank.

then on Sept 25th I am told a check will go out FEDEX to me ASAP and that this will solve my case. I was excited. As usual, nothing arrived.

9. Sept 28th – I contact cust support. Was on hold for 1hr 10mins. This time “David” answered. (He reluctantly gave me his name). He placed me on hold and told me that the reason for the delays were that this buyer was in Taiwan and used the Bank of Seoul and that in this case the deal had to all be confirmed to prevent fraud. Well that made sense to me and then I asked him about the 1st check that was ‘sent out’ – He told me it was impossible that a check was ever sent. But that my funds were ‘just released’ and that I would be fedex’d a check no latter than Sept 29th via my own fedex account. I asked him what to do next when the check won’t arrive. He told me to contact ‘sales’ email and put his name in the subject line. That made me nervous. I noticed about an hour later that the $1500 in my account on Regfly is now gone..so I felt that was a good sign that the check was ‘in the mail’.

10. Sept 30th. No check arrived via FedEx. I immediately called RegFly and asked for David in sales. I was told “David?? David who??” – Oh isnt that just special. I yet again explained my situation – I was promptly told to email sales and that someone would indeed get back to me. Of course the entire day goes by and no one called/emailed. I opened a ticket up…it’s still open.

11. Sept 30th. I called RISK (ext 125) (the only people that seem to have phones) and was as polite as I could be to the lady that answered. I explained the entire situation. She told me she would certainly help me and make sure someone would return my call. I told her very nicely, that if this kept going on, that I would be forced to either contact the NJ Attorney general’s office or sign up to participate in a class action lawsuit. I told her I certainly dont want to have to go to that extreme, but that $1500 was alot of money to me….No return call and no return emails still as of now.

I don’t know what to do next.


Justin { Customer for less than 3 months}

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH REGISTERFLY. Fraud, credit card theft, lost and stolen domain names.

Registerfly – the bottom of the barrel!

Volker { Customer for 4 - 7 months}

I was dumb enouth too. I tried to transfer a few domains to regfly in Feb. this year. 4 times I tried it and each time the transfer would be canceled by regfly. Without notification mail.

All so-called “Support Tickets” weren’t answered adequate. Only standard verbiage or, mostely, no answer.

Now I have 75$ in my account and obviously no real chance to get it back.

Regfly is a company of scammers. I can only urgently disadvise everyone who wants to deal with Regfly.


Peter Wilkins { Customer for less than 3 months}


I registered for an SSL certificate with Registerfly.com. (AKA regfly.com). I guess I deserve what happened because it was only $30.00 and I went on a 2 year old recommendation from another SSL user. I got exactly the same run-around as everyone else. The SSL Certificate issuing failed with the error description Not enough credit. Thinking that maybe my credit card had not cleared, (and because I was in a hurry) I tried again with another card. Same result. So now they have $60.00. I have submitted a pile of support tickets which either just get closed, or get the run-around. There is no question, these people are just outright thieves, and robbers. It’s not just the losing of the dollars that hurts. It’s also the feeling that you have let scammers take you for a ride; it’s bad for the pride. Now I know what people who fell for the Nigerian letter scam felt like. Life’s too short for regrets, and I am about to give up on them, and regard the whole experience as a $60.00 reminder of how careful you need to be with Internet dealings. As a final act I am posting this message everywhere I think it will hurt them. The message is simple:


Good luck to those people trying to get their money back.

Peter Wilkins Sydney, Australia 19 Feb 2009

Eric { Customer for less than 3 months}

In one word terrible..
Paid my money for an email service but it was never activated. Wrote tons of support tickets which were simply deleted by their support staff. An absolute ripoff. Do not do business with them

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