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Founded: May 24, 2000 [?]
Location: Massachusetts, United States [?]
Domain: ReadyHosting.com
Title: Windows Web Hosting ASP.NET Coldfusion MX Web Hosting
Domains: 45,311 [?]
Traffic: * * * * * [?]
Average: (5.0)

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2 reviews

Patrick { Customer for 4 - 7 months}

I love these people. This company is huge but offers great hosting. They host about 250 sites per server, which is decent for mainly low-volume websites. 500MB is liberal for their pricing and they offer plenty of ASP components. I only didn’t like the third-party SSL that’s provided, I like the web-based email, I LOVE reselling their services and I really don’t like not knowing if I go over bandwidth requirements, because it’s “Unmetered”. Unmetered basically means that if you “compromise the performance of” their servers, your account will be terminated without warning – that’s my only gripe. I only plan to cancel because of my advanced needs (which is why I would rate these people highly because most people don’t NEED advanced services). Very reliable, fast, inexpensive – good deal that’s hard to beat. Oh yeah, support is awesome. After setting up over 10 websites with them, there have been few minor problems, all of which are solved (durring business hours) immediately. Only a few times have I called because my website is down (major problem, this I hate) as I asked “What’s going on? Maintaining the server or something?” and they would not come up with a better excuse, as it would be easier to agree with me. Once it was that they had to upgrade the server.

If you have basic needs and want great performance, go with ReadyHosting.com! (Can’t beat $99/year, $49.50 for resellers)

Web Image Media { Customer for 4 - 7 months}

highly recommend

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