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Prolink Hosting

Founded: February 27, 2005 [?]
Location: New York, United States [?]
Domain: ProlinkHosting.com
Title: Unlimited Webhosting – Prolink Hosting Home
Domains: 1,107 [?]
Traffic: * * [?]
Average: (2.1)

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Poor security, poor staff, highly unprofessional, and their “24/7 customer support” is not true. Their uptime is not as they state, and they mistreat customers after the 15-day money back. I guess that’s the catch for the affordable price.

John Trusser

I just wanted to post a positive review. I have been with Prolink for 5 months love them. I have 3 accounts with them. Their servers did go down a few times last month, but only for 15 minutes. But for $9.69/yr you cant beat it…

John { Customer for less than 3 months}

I ordered them for the 10 dollar a year thing. and they gave me my account and the next day suspended for no reason! i havent even access it! they are a scam. and there 15 day money guarantee is also a scam, good day! dont ever go to them!

John { Customer for less than 3 months}

After being hosted with prolinkhosting.com for 5 or 6 months they suspended my account due to “high CPU usage” which a lot of customers have been saying happened to them also check out – http://www.419eater.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=56690

After I have gotten suspended they didn’t send me any type of e-mail, and then finally after about 10 e-mails to them I got one e-mail replying saying that if I needed a backup they woudl send it to me… Of course they NEVER did.

This was my first time buying a webhost and I surely know now what not to look for.

DO NOT go with prolinkhosting.com they will suspend you.

Dean { Customer for less than 3 months}

x2 on suspended…

Afterlife(69) to sales

How many times do i have to tell you the site was empty. can you give me actual PROOF the site had hacking information on it!! (Send a god damn screenshot)

On 11/2/05, sales@prolinkhosting.com <sales@prolinkhosting.com> wrote:

I am sorry but the site had information related to hacking which we stated

earlier. We received LEGITIMATE complaints from a source which pointed out

the links on the site. After investigation, there were other hacking

related information on the site. This is what resulted in the suspension

as it violates our AUP.

> Ok… so now i got you on something there, in the first email you said…

> and i quote “This site had alot of information related to hacking” it had

> none… there was a few links to warez we were planning to remove but they

> were nulled links (not clickable)


> Now you said it was hacking… it had NO HACKING INFORMATION… if you

> look

> in the database you will see exactly what i mean. do you actuly have a

> valid

> reason to suspend it or am i going to have to sue you?

>> On 11/1/05, Afterlife(69) <afterlife69@gmail.com> wrote:

>> like seriously what harm could a empty 3-week old forum do? and could i

>> atleast have a backup if you won’t restore it…

>>> On 11/1/05, Afterlife(69) <afterlife69@gmail.com> wrote:

>>> all there was, was 1 empty hacking forum… cant i just remove the

>>> section and open it… it wasnt even advertised we had only showed it to

>>> friends.

>>>> On 11/1/05, sales@prolinkhosting.com <sales@prolinkhosting.com> wrote:

>>>> The request to have this pulled came from a LEGITIMATE source.

>>>> Also upon investigation, there were other hacking related concerns with

>>>> this website.

>>>> Due to legality reasons, we must keep this in a suspended state.

>>>>> So what exactly do i have to do to get it back… the section was empty

>>>>> and i will gladly delete it. (it was a forum)

>>>>>> On 10/30/05, Afterlife(69) <afterlife69@gmail.com> wrote:

>>>>>> WHAT!!

>>>>>> Couldnt you just contact me and tell me to remove it… its only a forum

>>>>>> -

>>>>>> it takes 2 seconds and i would gladly do it.

>>>>>>> On 10/30/05, Sales@prolinkhosting.com <Sales@prolinkhosting.com> wrote:

>>>>>>> This site had alot of information related to hacking and therefore was

>>>>>>> in violation of our AUP.

>>>>>>> We were pointed this out from numerous sources with links to verify

>>>>>>> this.

>>>>>>> Regards.

John Starky { Customer for 1 - 2 years}

I just renewed with Prolink after 1 yr of great service. For 10 bucks its fantastic! And I have referred friends to them and they all have no problems at all..I will continue to use Prolink for all my hosting needs.

Charlie Stump { Customer for less than 3 months}

Should avoid. First, Unlimited Everything is 100% the same as a cup that holds unlimited water. Nobody can argue that.

ftp is up and down slower than a phone line, even though I am connecting with great cable. – The sites actually serve-out ok to a visitor, and that is the only thing decent to say. Errors galore all in the cpanel, took 20 minutes of wait time as the cpanel installed oscommerce. – It did install it, though – but you have to scroll way down past all the error notices, or you wouldn’t even know that fantastico was there, and you have to look at error notices while you wait for frickin ever for fantastico to install it. FTP is even slower than fanatstico, wouldn’t matter if you had the fastest broadband in the world. ONE MORE THING – If they could truly give good service with good equipment and good connections at unlimited width and space, then at best they would have to charge anyone at least 5-7 dollars per month regardless of anything. The fact that they have accounts that are less than that per year – Just goes to prove that they are either a non-profit charity, or a business that loses tons of money every year, or they just don’t and can’t give any decent website developer anything worth a doughnut. It has to be one of those three, which is it?

AfriDigiDiva { Customer for 1 - 2 years}

I will have been a customer for 1 year in May 2008. Six days ago, I began preparing to open my online store. However, I cannot and have not been able to access my account. Numerous emails to Brad Hayes have gone unanswered.
In December 2007, I paid for an additional year subscription. After receiving such poor service, I decided to cancel the renewed year. Paypal refused to refund my money stating that Prolink Hosting would have to do so because it has been longer than 45 days since the transaction. My credit card company states that Paypal would have to issue a credit in order to have my money returned. In the interim, I have no service, no email explaining WHY I have no service and no return of my money for services NEVER received..

Chuck Masek { Customer for 1 - 2 years}

My sites have been down for 3 weeks, check them out masekart.com and katannas.com. there gone!!! I’ve e-mailed them numerous times and absolutely no response. You’d be nuts to go with prolink. Can’t imagine anyone having a posiitive review. i’m moving on

Heather Manning { Customer for 1 - 2 years}

I signed up with this hosting company over 2 years ago, back then it was billed as Prolink Hosting. You get what you pay for. I believe mine was an unlimited account. Immediately started having problems, not able to connect to FTP. The site was unbelievably slow. The woman who was setting up my store for me had never seen such a horrible webhost, I had contacted them multiple times regarding the problems I was having. Nothing. So, I requested their refund. Guaranteed. I was well within my time limit. Nothing. So, I filed a Paypal dispute. Just about immediately, I got my refund, and a nasty letter about how nobody has problems with their services.

The next year I have this charge come out of my Paypal account. It is from eBMH Inc. After doing some research, turns out that even though I had canceled my account with Prolink hosting, they were now billing under this, and my subscription wasn’t canceled. Paypal wouldn’t give me back my money, I assume based on my own stupidity for not canceling the subscription. So, I did.

Now, I get a bill from Fat Network. I had to research again to see that this is Prolink hosting, eBMH INC, masquerading under yet ANOTHER name. They will interrupt my service if I don’t pay my bill, since I got smart and canceled the subscription. Exactly what service are they going to interrupt? I pay my UCWebhost bill. That’s who my webhosting is with and my domain is through GoDaddy.

Fat Network you are nothing but a Fat webhosting scam. You won’t be getting any more of my money, and I will be posting this review on all the web hosting review sites so people know that your service stinks and you bill for services NOT rendered.

thedon { Customer for less than 3 months}

My last experience with them (4 years ago) was not bad. I just got another year and will let people know how it works out. (so far having trouble figuring out what to set my nameservers as!)

John Hansen { Customer for more than 2 years}

Prolink hosting has had a few glitches since myfatnetwork took over the billing and customer service. One is that I have lost my password to their my.fatnetwork.com member site and I have emailed prolink hosting several times and haven’t gotten a response. I had to move one of my domain to another server because I lost the password and couldn’t get access to myfatnetwork to find out what it was. THAT SAID – I’ve been with prolinkhosting for over 7 years now and generally have been very satisfied and the price is very good. I have 4 accounts with them and when I get access to the myfatnetwork site – I plan to buy 1 or maybe 2 more. This service is the best to run any script that I’ve had. Until recently I’ve always had great support as well. John Hansen

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