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Pacific Online

Pacific Online

Founded: March 14, 2001 [?]
Location: Oregon, United States [?]
Domain: PacificOnline.com
Title: Pacific Online – Powerful Windows Hosting
Domains: 2,426 [?]
Traffic: * * * [?]
Average: (5.0)

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2 reviews

anonymous { Customer for 4 - 7 months}

I actually went down to see their setup and was impressed at the security, back up procedures and equipment being used. The staff is incredible, and easy to deal with. To Richie, Scott, and everyone else there, thanks! You guys are great! I have already reccomended 5 others that have started accounts there and have been told by them that they are happy with the hosting as well.

Mark Spitz { Customer for more than 2 years}

Long term customer. No complaints. Great reliability, great speed, excellent service.

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