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Founded: February 25, 2003 [?]
Location: New York, United States [?]
Domain: ModHost.com
Title: MODHOST – Affordable Multiple Domain Web Hosting
Domains: 15,223 [?]
Traffic: * * * [?]
Average: (3.5)

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6 reviews

Anonymous { Customer for less than 3 months}

poor to no support – email only and don’t respond most of the time. Deleted our entire site do not have back up, do not respond to us when we want to know why. Phone number for company doesn’t work, no way to contact them – their hosting company says they are in belarouse and can’t get in touch with them either. HORRIBLE and highly unethical – won’t refund money, won’t give us site content, no back up – but paying for it.

Brian Hutchison { Customer for less than 3 months}

I’ve had great luck with modHost. The support is email only, but the response time has been amazing. Even on weekends or at night, I get answers to questions I’ve marked as low priority within an hour, without fail.

Uptime has been very good also.

Katy { Customer for less than 3 months}

In the two+ years I’ve been with modhost, I only once had a problem, and that was rectified quickly. Not the friendliest, but certainly quick. I often suggest them to my friends.

Daniel Cole { Customer for more than 2 years}

I am not sure what the original anonymous reviewer was trying to accomplish with his/her lame attempt to badmouth this wonderful web hosting company. I guess it was just some fraudster or a spammer whose account had been terminated for user policy violations. The truth is that Modhost is one of those rare companies that actually delivers what they promise and deserves to be recognized as one of the best in the industry.

Since I moved my sites to them in 2003, my hosting experience has been nothing but exceptional. I am a professional PHP/MySQL programmer and my support requests are different in nature from those of an average hosting customer. E.g. I may sometimes need a php or perl module installed on the server. With my previous webhost it was a nightmare getting some of their level 1 “script monkeys” to escalate my ticket to someone who could actually do something about my problem. At Modhost I get my tickets resolved in minutes which saves a lot of time and is especially helpful for people like me who cannot afford to wait days for a resolution of a simple problem when there is work that needs to be completed on schedule. Just to give an example, the last time I needed assistance, their admin Jason went ahead and compiled XSLT PHP module 15 minutes after I submitted a request.

Overall, I would highly recommend Mod Host to anyone. You may not get gigabytes of disk storage for a buck, but they have what a webmaster actually needs: reliability and top notch customer support from a solid company.

Daniel Cole

Andre Shoumatoff { Customer for more than 2 years}

Customer with Modhost for probably 6-8 years? I found them after reading reviews a long time ago. Since then they’ve gone a little into obscurity in terms of good reviews. The good news is mostly up time, quality product, and quality pricing. Bad news is no way to contact them other than email. And it is true that they don’t answer some emails or trouble tickets. Overall I would rate them a solid 4 stars. They invoiced thousands from me and I think it is worth it, personally. Also, cpanel is mostly pretty good and their admin staff has definitely really helped me out with request via email.

Nazif Ilker Sezdi { Customer for more than 2 years}

All modhost services are not working since 29.10.2012-01:00 .
Almost 48 hours.
It is imposible.
All my commercial sites are off-line.
They even dont response all questions.
Even DNS servers are not working to route site.
I will immediately move my sites after accesiing cpanel.
This is just stupid.

Nazif Ilker Sezdi

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