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Founded: March 29, 2001 [?]
Location: California, United States [?]
Domain: Lunarpages.com
Title: Web Hosting Services, Affordable & Reliable | Lunarpages.com
Domains: 118,080 [?]
Traffic: * * * * * [?]
Average: (5.0)

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4 reviews

Lee Coleman { Customer for 1 - 2 years}

I have been with them for over a year now and i just love their service. Especially their customer support.

Robert Dannings { Customer for 4 - 7 months}

I tried several other hosts in the past and I found out that I usually can’t get through to customer support because of the work hours, or that I get put on hold. However, this is not the case with Lunarpages. I got through every time I tried, even thought it was only 4 times because I haven’t had many problems, mostly technical issues. I started off using their $7.95/month program, but I needed more than 500MB so I switched to the $22.95/month web hosting package. I find that my site runs fast and smooth, and the Control Panel is great and packed with useful features. I highly recommend their service.

Marilyn Griffin { Customer for 1 - 2 years}

Service and support at LunarPages has been uniformly excellent. The customer support is great, the features are outstanding, and I recommend them to anyone looking for a professionally maintained webhosting service at very reasonable pricing.

Christos Vettas { Customer for 1 - 2 years}

I am more than 1 year and i think lunarpages.com is the best hosting service. I have try many other before and everywhere i find problems. They are uptime not 99,9% but 100%, always working. The only how i don’t like on them, is they give only 1GB webspace and only 1mysql and then you have to give more money. I think that have to change in other way i am sure i will move somewhere else. Any way i give 5 points because they are real good service. Fast and good support also.

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