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Founded: July 14, 1997 [?]
Location: Arizona, United States [?]
Domain: iPower.com
Title: Domain Names and Web Hosting by IPOWER
Domains: 2,426 [?]
Traffic: * * * * * [?]
Average: (1.0)

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3 reviews

Anon { Customer for less than 3 months}

The were quick to setup and take my money. But after that the support os HORRIBLE…you can never talk to a manager, tickets get closed with approval, sites go down for days. Ask them what happen Jan 22 to DNS that shut down all sites get this until the customer called to ask why their site was down….for days…then it comes us and go down for another day….for web hosting that’s horrible. Buttom line if you don’t care about uptime stay with IPower. If you start a small company and need a web site for marketing that the rest of the world DON’T COUNT ON IPOWER.

Overall they’re support is very lazy and to many times they take hours on hours to fix problems that are relatively easy.

Oh by the way…expect to be on hold for tech support for HOURS and I mean HOURS. They spend a great deal of time dealing with support issues which doesn’t say much for their stability.

James Schuster { Customer for 4 - 7 months}

I would like to share with you our dismal experience thus far with ipower. For two to three weeks, we have attempted to work in good faith with ipower on some very serious issues to our business. Spending very significant executive time, our company attempted to work with ipower relative to dedicated server problems on ipower’s part, which resulted in more than 300+ unexpected shut-downs over a short period of time. For example, with respect to 8/8/2005, alone, we experienced 17 unexpected shut-downs alone. What we were told is that ipower would look into it and get back to us. The last time we had that discussion with ipower was on the 17th. Yet, no one has gotten back to us, other than a “robo” message presuming everything is fixed unless ipower hears back from us within x amount of hours. Because we are not interacting with the server during those times of unexpected shutdown, the customer relations person at ipower (who simply ended up providing us with nothing but a “link for assistance”) recognized hardware issues on ipower’s ends. Yet, still, ipower seems to be continuing to shrug off the issue in full, ignoring us and not giving us any proper attention — attention required for this small company of ours to survive. Imagine our having some 300+ unexpected shutdowns with no attention from ipower had we gone live as yet?!?!? However, the unexpected shutdowns continue. Further, we simply wanted help with ipower with respect to linking up an ip address to our domain name, which we purchased from ipower. Several hours of attempts on our part proved fruitless, resulting in a simple suggestion that we review online literature on the issue. This is not the type of service from ipower that we bargained for. What is so frustrating is the type of benign neglect we are facing. Several times we attempted to escalate the issue. And, several times we were told that ipower would provide to us no point person or named identity to help us stabilize things. Just yesterday, I was left on hold for more than 20 minutes before I simply hung up. So, this is NOT the type of service that I anticipated, based on the reviews of ipower that appear to be out there. Jim Schuster, President, Simpliance.

Dan { Customer for more than 2 years}

Have been with Ipower from it’s early days, my first domain with them was on server one.
They will, and have on more than one of my billing consoles, changed my renew rate without telling me. Then when asked, they state that my rate was introductory. Even though I have renewed at the same rate multiple times. And, I don’t do “introductory”, would not have signed up with them in the first place if that were the case. “One plan, one rate, for as long as you stay on”, that’s what I recall the conversation going like way back when.
Then, when I provide them with a screen shot of my billing console with the original rate, they state the file is corrupt and cannot open it. They seem to be interested in tossing as much B.S. out there as possible in hopes that folks will just get tired of it, pay the new rate and move on. The help center talks you in circles and never seems to read your questions or understand them, or perhaps the majority of the help center employees do not have a grasp of the English language.
At one time I used to always tell my friends and whoever else to try Ipower, no more. Am in the process of moving all my sites elsewhere…
My advice, always get screen caps of your billing console. Always do a live chat when looking for a host and ask about pricing, for the long term and any other important questions, then do a screen cap of that as well. File these away, on a flash drive or something for long term…
Ipower got too big, too fast, now it’s clear they have lost vision.

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