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Hosting UK

Hosting UK

Founded: May 17, 1999 [?]
Location: United Kingdom, United Kingdom [?]
Domain: HostingUK.net
Title: Hosting UK | Fast ASP.NET 2.0 Web Hosting, ASP Hosting and Linux Hosting
Domains: 6,432 [?]
Traffic: * * * * * [?]
Average: (3.4)

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5 reviews

Rob Boughton

Very fast response to support emails and fast resolutions

Patrick { Customer for less than 3 months}

These people have an appallingly rude, arrogant and unhlepful Technical Support Team (that often doesn’t seem very technical). I would not recommend them to anyone.

Apt566 { Customer for more than 2 years}

Appalling web hosting service! This company is a complete waste of money and time when it comes to providing support and customer assistance. I had to duplicate a site I was having problems with to prove them there was a problem with their server and despite the fact that the site duplicate was working perfectly well on another server they still refused to acknowledge the problem at their end! This lack of support is coupled with an overall arrogant attitude and general slackness in terms of providing a timely response to questions. On another occasion I was refused the back up of one of my sites, on pretense that they don’t do back ups, when it was clearly stated on the terms and conditions of the package that they do provide this service.

These are just two examples, I could really write a lot more on their poor quality of service!

You really don’t want to waste your time with them!

Steve L { Customer for less than 3 months}

I’ve been a customer for over a year now and I have no complaints at all. They provide good, fast web hosting, and their support is far better than other hosts I’ve used in the past. Sure I’ve had the odd problem, but they were always there to sort things out for me. I’d recomend them any time.

Leah Davies { Customer for less than 3 months}

I love dealing with Hosting UK, their friendly and prompt service made me recommend them to several colleagues. I do find it sad that people (or are they rivals) decide to berate them on forums all on the same day! Laughable. Anyway,I recommend HostingUK and they also have a 30 day moneyback guarantee if you’re not entirely happy.

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