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GNXonline .com

GNXonline .com

Founded: July 29, 2000 [?]
Location: United Kingdom, United Kingdom [?]
Domain: GNXonline.com
Title: GNXonline .com -The affordable Web Hosting choice. ASP hosting Php Hosting Sql Hosting
Domains: 1,062 [?]
Traffic: * * [?]
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2 reviews

John Hargreaves { Customer for less than 3 months}

I have moved my Domain to a new host. Why? Well let me start at the beginning. When I first registered my own domain name and began the search for a web host (my isp doesn’t host domains and won’t allow servers) I found gnxoffline listed as the most inexpensive provider available. My mistake was confusing low cost with value.

My first clue something was wrong was when I tried to submit my application for service and it dumped me out of the web page- no form completed page, no – ‘you will receive an e-mail shortly’ message , nothing. A day later I finally get a response from them telling me my logon name and password. They don’t however provide the ip address of the server so until the domain name gets pointed to their DNS I couldn’t log in. When I finally get logged in I find their ‘MATRIX Linux server’ is nothing more then a preconfigured Cobalt raq server, nothing wrong with that but they could tell people up front that’s what they use.

They advertise 24/7 tech. support and 99% uptime but that wasn’t what I experienced. About three weeks after I posted my web pages on their server I noticed that often in the late evenings the server was completely unavailable. I checked traffic and could ping their DNS servers etc. but the server I was hosted on was completely unavailable. Then in the morning it would be up again. Then the server disappeared for a whole weekend. I went to their ‘automated web support’ and left a message. In a couple of days (So much for 24/7 support) I got a reply that the server needed to be rebooted. What?? my linux server at home runs for years without rebooting. Well anyway my page was up again.

A few weeks later I notice the server is unavailable in the late evenings again. After watching this behavior for three weeks I again posted a query on their automated web support. Once more it took a few days to get a response which consisted of ‘the problem was fixed’ What problem? How was it fixed? What steps were taken to prevent it happening again? No such information was given.

A week later the server is unavailable again. I ignore it, at least it’s available during the day. Then on Friday the 24th of August I try to view my web page and get a ‘You are forbidden to view this page’ message. I try to get e-mail from the pop server and it refuses my password? Once more I try the automated web support and leave a message. The next day (a new record response time) I get a message- You may have violated our terms please e-mail support. So I e-mail them and get no response. Finally on Monday I get one of their sales people in a chat session and ask what is happening. She says she’ll check. Later in the day I get her in a chat session again and she says that I have a web-cam on my site which violates the terms. Now mind you there is a link on my page which says web cam, but if you click on it, it shows a few jpegs clearly date stamped 8/4/00. This is from my old web page and was only left to show friends what my web cam looked like. I had not pointed my web cam to gnxonlines servers. I explained all this and was told I would have to sign the terms of agreement and fax them back, I asked for a fax number and was told to scan them in and e-mail them. My scanner doesn’t work currently (stripped drive gear) so this wasn’t an option. I then e-mailed a detailed response as to what had taken place to all the contacts at gnx I could find (there were only 5) and still did not receive a resolution. I conclude therefore that gnx is a very unprofessional business and I strongly caution anyone who is considering doing business with them to seriously reconsider.

mike { Customer for less than 3 months}

Horrible. I don’t know why I have hung in there so long, probably because they don’t notify you when your domain expires, then they lock it so you can’t renew it anywhere else. Currently my site and therefore my email has been down for almost a month, I finally switched companies, and they won’t respond to my attempts to have my domain transferred, although they certainly didn’t mind charging my credit card for the transaction. Yes it’s cheap, but the hassle is not worth it, they claim to have live chat, but it’s difficult to actually find someone there, usually you have to leave a message. On top of the poor customer service, they do not have the 99.9% uptime they claim, my site would go down on a semi-regular basis, and was one time hacked. The only thing that’s good about this company is the price, but don’t let that draw you in, there are other cheap services out there as well.

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