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Global International

Global International

Founded: October 8, 2002 [?]
Location: United States, United States [?]
Domain: GlobalInternational.org
Title: Global International – Web Hosting
Domains: 350,852 [?]
Traffic: * [?]
Average: (5.0)

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2 reviews

Philippe Kara { Customer for less than 3 months}

Over all experience its an excellent host, though Customer support takes 1 hour before answering your ticket (not that long but hey I’m a rushy guy :) ) their support is excellent ….Personally recommend them to all

Simon Drouin { Customer for 4 - 7 months}

My site was up and running in less than 20 minutes. they installed and transfered my site from my old host without any problems and promptly .. great service .. will recomend them to all my friends ..

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