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Founded: July 16, 1997 [?]
Location: United Kingdom, United Kingdom [?]
Domain: Easyspace.com
Title: Web Hosting, Domain Names and Dedicated Servers from Easyspace
Domains: 108,594 [?]
Traffic: * * * * * [?]
Average: (1.3)

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Average prive for basic hosting but ALL add-ons cost money, (eg CGI).

Makes them expensive and you must have their banners which messes with you layout unless you pay even more for no banners.

Alex Austin

You get what you pay for. Easyspace are cheap but crap. Stay away from their email service extras they call ‘Elite’ , its just a rebranded service of that other unreliable email provider everyone.net

Jacques Guy { Customer for more than 2 years}

When I picked easyspace, in March 1999, its prices were reasonable, its customer service was non-existent, but I needed none. My site has now some 1200 pages and about as many images, for a total of 22Mbytes. Yes, twenty-two megabytes. Nothing extravagant nowadays, really. Now, I am hit with a #119.95 renewal bill for I cannot figure out what, gold, platinum or whatever (these are new inventions of theirs). Domain renewal is #28.30 (US$40), about four times what other companies charges. And, finally, they presume to charge #49.95 (US$75) for domain transfer. They claim to provide CGI and so on, but there is nothing anywhere reachable on their site on how to actually implement CGI. I was silly enough to ask for web logs, so that now I receive a 100k (at least) file of logs by e-mail. I don’t want it, but there is no way I could find to disable this “feature”. The whole thing is grotesque, pricing and like of customer support. http://www.easyspace.com has become a total rip-off and I am actively looking for another host.

Joe Schmoe { Customer for less than 3 months}

I decided to chane to Easyspace because I wanted a established and reliable host. Unfortunately, the technical support is not up to much, and I felt like I was a burden everytime I asked for help. I tried installing both Xcart Gold and OSCommerce, but they were incompatible with their systems due to them running older server software. Instead of being apologetic, I was just told there was nothing they could do and that was it.

I was there for three months and never commercially used the space because I couldn’t get a shopping cart up and running, yet when I cancelled by account, they still charged me for those three months.

I am now going elsewhere to a company with good support and up to date software. I suggest you do the same.

pk { Customer for more than 2 years}

Do not believe the claims of superior customer service that appear on their website: search for “easyspace unreliable” on google and you’ll see the sort of frustration that many (including myself) have suffered from this rogue company, mainly since they were taken over by iomart. If you have problems with this hoster, don’t expect them to provide meaningful answers to your emails. Also, their “99.9%” uptime guarantee is pure deceit.

Nima { Customer for more than 2 years}

The worst on the net, they get money and add a banner on our site as well! banner is for free hostings, when they add banner why we should pay for it?

they also did not have smtp. how we could send email with our domain?

Nima Sadjadi { Customer for 1 - 2 years}

They get money and add their banner on our website as well! If we wanted a banner on our website why we should pay?

They don’t have smtp as well! we had to use our the smtp of our own ISP to use emails, poor support!

Johnathan Williamson { Customer for more than 2 years}

Hi folks,

Thank you for the comments above, as you can imagine Easyspace are very interested in knowing where we are going wrong and taking steps to resolve these issues.

Recently we have made massive improvements to all our internal processes aswell as adjusting our customer control panel in line with feedback from users. These are just some of the changes we are making to make Easyspace the excellent webhost you have come to know and trust.

If anyone has problems with any aspect of our service please feel free to email me at johnathan@easyspace.com and we would be happy to take up your case and investigate thoroughly.

Kind Regards,
Johnathan Williamson
Customer Support Manager

william wallace { Customer for 1 - 2 years}

Easyspace are CRAP. Moved a domain accross to them and they took about 2 weeks to get the domain and then another week to add the DNS records for the website. What makes it worse is that the Control Panel is hardly that. There is also no facility to upload the website via the no-Control Panel so that the new site is ready and waiting when the DNS records are finally updated.

claudia watts { Customer for more than 2 years}

I could never recommend Easyspace now. I registered my domain with them about 10 years ago and was initially perfectly happy with their services. However, when Iomart took over everything rapidly went downhill. The old Easypost mail service was fine for my needs (catchall address with easily customisable free spam filters), but I was then “upgraded” over the phone to a new service, which included their newer Easymail, which has no spam filter. After successfully making the point that I had been missold the service (at no stage had they told me that my upgrade involved the complete disruption of my existing email – many of which they managed to lose irretrievably), they gave me a year’s Mail Secure for free (normally an add-on charge). This proved to be less than satisfactory as it failed to filter a large number of spam emails and blocked too many important ones and did not have enough options to customise the filters. I tolerated it for a year but then had enormous trouble getting them to switch it off and let me manage my own spam. They even managed (again!) to cut off all my mail resulting in my being blocked from all egroups I subscribe to and losing (again) many of the emails I had been sent in the previous week. If it weren’t for the fact that they took 2 years’ worth of money from me for hosting and refused to give me a refund I would not still be with them. As it is, I am counting the months till I can leave.

seth { Customer for more than 2 years}

upgrade to new webmail is awful. Poor tech assistance, over quota blocks system and cannot be cleared by control panel or web browser. Useless.

Colm { Customer for more than 2 years}

About 8-9 years – since 2001. A week ago they killed 5 e-mail accounts, the main reason I had my domain name, shutting down my e-mail, my mother, my brothers and to my mother’s distress my recently deceased fathers. Their explanation – whoops we should have been charging you more. Here is what they said and what I said in e-mail.


Here is the response from our senior technical agents via one of our supervisors:

Hi there,

I have been asked to look into your account as your email accounts have been
removed in a recent system clean up, however I see no package that entitled
you to these email accounts which is why these where removed.

You have the option of a free mailbox (which can only receive mail) or 10
free forwarding accounts, we have never provided 10 full mailboxes for free
with a domain only package and can only assume your package was setup
incorrectly and you have been getting this service free since it was setup.

If you wish for us to restore the removed mailboxes we can do so but you will
need to purchase a mail package that will give you the option of 5 accounts,
whereas I can understand your frustration that these have been removed
without advising you first I must stress that the packages on your account do
not entitle you to full mail accounts.

You can setup forwarding accounts from your control panel if this is of any
use but as noted above to have your previous mailboxes restored you would
need to purchase a mail (or hosting) package.

I hope this clarifies things.

My answer:

Mr. Bell:

Here is the situation,

I purchased when I set this e-mail account up a package that gave me 10 free mailboxes – in about 2001. I paid my renewal fee as requested every year for the package I was receiving. This year you asked for the same renewal fee for my package, the package I had used for the previous 8-9 years – in doing so you entered into a valid enforceable contract for that renewal period to continue that service. You have treated me shabbily, you closed these e-mail boxes without notice. Tomorrow I will be in London, and a I walk to my office I will pass the county court. There I will stop and issue proceedings.

You could of course restore the e-mail boxes forthwith … And then I would not issue proceedings.

In response to what you say, my package as represented to me, at the time of renewal did include up to 10 e-mail accounts. That is the agreement – that is the legal position. The e-mail accounts and mail deleted have value – and I may therefore claim substantial damages – and I certainly will get an injunction against any mistakes that may lead to a loss of the undelivered mail.

Your choice. I’d at least suggest you call your solicitor to check your position. While you are at it ask him about costs.

You have until tomorrow morning when I will make that stop at the London County Court.

rushmee { Customer for 4 - 7 months}

BAsically its a rip-off stay away from it. Whatever this fucker from easyspace says.
An unhappy and swindled customer

Michael De Havilland { Customer for more than 2 years}

Easyspace are a complete rip-off. I joined around 10 years ago when prices were ok. Through the years prices have increased upto a point where they are 3 to 4 times that of some of the smaller companies.

When I asked them why their prices were so high they replied because we are a UK based company and pay UK prices to the registering bodies!!!!!

So what they are saying is that any company outside of the UK is being charged less? What a load of bollocks.

Odd, Because I have some names with UK based companies at a fraction of the Easyspace pricing!

I am also expected to pay £18.00 for every domain name I wish to transfer away, despite their advertising when I joined that no charge would be made for moving domains after 2 years of registration fees being paid!

I have worked it out and find that I am paying almost £57.00 over a two year period for a.co.uk name……….. why, because they charge around £16.00 for the registration of the name, £11.00pa for web forwarding without their hideous banner and despite my not having any sites or requiring hosting with them they still charge around £5.00pa for hosting the domain name!!!!!

Add it all up and the true figure for registering a domain name with them with forwarding is almost £60.00 and the best is yet to come…. that doesn’t even include email, because you have to pay for that as well!!!!!!

I had around 90 domain names with them, some ordered some 10 years earlier and intended for future use with my business. My credit card expired around the time that many of the domain names were due for renewal and I ended up loosing a whole raft of names, several of which immediately ended up on sites offering them for sale for in excess of £1,000, so as you can imagine they were good names choosen for my line of business.

My advice is to steer well clear of this outfit they are complete rip off merchants and don’t waste your time complaining because you are given a number to call and left on it for an eternity listening to silly music…… I should add I have never managed to speak to anyone on the number provided as I have usually given up after 15-20 minutes!!!!

M K { Customer for more than 2 years}

Customer for 10+ years, with multiple domains registered and services maintained (email, hosting etc).

Since iomart took over: exorbitant costs (with no justification), poor reliability, customer service are useless (and arrogant, often offensive), constant sales calls selling you their latest “ripoff product” – it’s the exact same product as before, but 4 times more expensive (not to mention that they withdraw the “old” product, leaving you no choice to upgrade, huge markup on domain purchases and renewals.

In short – avoid them like the plague. I would have given negative 5 stars if I could. It’s a real shame – they used to be good and cost effective, now there are many better suppliers out there – at far less costs.

John Landon { Customer for more than 2 years}

Enough is enough. Easyspace WILL rip you off. Set up hosting and forget to go back to switch off all the trials after a month and they will start billing you for them. If your organisation is big you could be donating thousands a year to Easyspace for years before you even realise it. AVOID.

David Jones { Customer for more than 2 years}

Customer service has allways been poor. Thankfully I have not had too many causes to call them. But there’s not much that can go wrong with one domain and a couple of email accounts. Or so you’d think… Yesterday my email services were deleted. Not suspended or put on hold… no. Deleted! No warning. The Customer Services rep said the system “should” have sent me an email last week!? This is pathetic. I’ve spent a lot of time researching this company today and from what I’ve read I intend to remove my services from them ASAP! I also checked to see if they were signed up to the Communications Industry Ombudsman programme… No. Or perhaps the ISPA… No. this comes as no real surprise, as to sign up to wither of these they’d have to lift their game higher than it would appear they are capable.

Alexander { Customer for more than 2 years}

I’d been using them to register domains and for business use email. Aside from the fact that EVERYTHING is a paid for extra on one occasion when transferring a domain into Easyspace, I was offered a free trial of a shopping basket. This was automatically given to me, without consent. They then used the autorenew card details, stored on their server to charge me £50.00 for a product I did not need, without my consent. Customer service refused to refund this.

Spam filters are over the top and non adjustable. This was the final straw- I was leaving. I was charged £3.00 per product to disable the auto-renews, and £18.00 per domain to transfer them. An absolute rip off and in my eyes, they are quite literally con artists. SHOULD NOT BE PERMITTED TO TRADE.

Ross { Customer for more than 2 years}

Imagine being charged for something, that you’ll get in the future that you didn’t ask for. And then imagine being told you’re not getting your money back. I didn’t even know what one of these services was or what it did!? They told me to refer to their terms and conditions. No more that theft. I urge all the people who have been victims of theft to do something about it. Small Claims court can be done quickly online and so can the Financial Ombudsman. Let’s all put a stop to this terrible company. TRADING STANDARDS SHOULD CLOSE THEM DOWN.

Unhappy easyspace customer { Customer for 1 - 2 years}

EASYSPACE ARE PIRATES. You can rely on the hosting service being UNRELIABLE. Auto renew services are a total SCAM. ‘FREE TRAIL’ Services like online shop are bundled in with your hosting package – there’s no option to remove them. And then without warning they upgrade themselves to auto renewing services that you are charged for. And they will not refund these costs – trust me. The best I got was 6 months free hosting after many phonecalls and talking with their ‘big heads’. FUCK THAT. I’m outta here. I have since migrated my domain and hosting away from easyspace for which they want to charge you £15 +vat – DAYLIGHT ROBBERY. You do not have to pay this though. Read this and do not pay them a penny to transfer out. http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?s=06d4dcc702548bcb33e4803fe3759d8e&t=717461&page=2

Jack { Customer for more than 2 years}

I’ve been with Easyspace for over ten years and have had nothing but trouble with them. The only reason i stayed with them was becaue of the percieved hassle of moving to another company.
The customer service team are the really not up to the task and have often agreed with me on how bad the service is.
Today I recieved 60,000 spam emails in two hours. I was then charged for a mail filtering addon that I later found out was not compatible with my account. The technical department blamed the sales team and the sales team blamed the technical department. I was told that my account type was so out of date there was nothing they could do for me. That was the final straw. I am now taking my business elsewhere.

Matthew { Customer for 1 - 2 years}

The worst company I have dealt with in a considerable period of time. The auto-renew procedure and contract seems to be designed to trap customers unawares. No warning e-mails, just an invoice. Complain within hours of the invoice and get fobbed off until you force the issue to be escalated. I never wanted the hosting package I have, it was bundled at the time of the sale. If I did want hosting I would have picked a better provider with more competitive rates.

Avoid this company. EasySpace just see their customers as EasyMoney.

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