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Dathorn Internet Services

Dathorn Internet Services

Founded: May 31, 2001 [?]
Location: Texas, United States [?]
Domain: Dathorn.com
Title: Dathorn Internet Services
Domains: 399,928 [?]
Traffic: * * * [?]
Average: (3.3)

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4 reviews

Jesse { Customer for 8 - 11 months}

I must say that Dathorn has a really good service. The uptime is always very good and the price is excellent.

The only problem I have ever had with Dathorn is getting your hosting re-activated if it gets “turned off” for some reason (exceeded bandwidth, expired credit card, etc.) When this happens, the staff at Dathorn really takes their time getting your account reactivated.

Anonymous { Customer for 4 - 7 months}

Super service, Quaility up time, great prices, Andrew is one of the few thats got it just right.

Annonymous { Customer for less than 3 months}

They suspended an account with no warning, then were in no hurry to help me move it off their server, resulting in more downtime than was necessary.

Unsatisieduser { Customer for 8 - 11 months}

In the beginning the service was ok the uptime is good and then the server become overloaded and very slow most of the time. But worth of it all is that they can get your account suspended for whatever reason and they don’t notify you before hand they wait so you discover that your account is suspended, then your try to understand why they did that and each time they give some stupid reason. So after a dozen of email and more than a day you get your site up again. With an unprofessionnal and arrogant attitude like that you better give your money to somebody else and get a decent respectfull service, that’s why I moved my account elsewhere

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