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Founded: May 4, 1995 [?]
Location: Quebec, Canada [?]
Domain: Clic.net
Title: Clic.net – Internet Marketing & Ecommerce Solution Provider
Domains: 350,852 [?]
Traffic: * * * * [?]
Average: (1.0)

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anonymous { Customer for less than 3 months}

I happened to make the mistake of signing on with this company because it was affiliated with Canada Post. I opened there estore option at 1400 dollars for one year (a big rip) only to find that for this you are given only four plain templates to chosse from to set your store up in. As if that isnt bad enough they have there little link picture letting everyone know its clic.net that is hosting this horrible thing, for 1400 you think they could keep there little link away from the page. Now the worst part. CUSTOMER SERVICE: this company is based in Quebec, Canada and all automatic emails are sent out in french first with english version following its a pain, but worst and i mean worst of all is support if you have problems. From the beggining when i was trying to set up the store at the start and tinkering around with things I happened to need support for questions. So a simple email, and lo and behold and automatic reply saying they received my request. Good they got it, well 4 days later they answer with some two line answer. Anyway that isn’t even the worst of it. The last 3 weeks I have trying to update my store and set up a payment gateway and spent hours uploading and describing about 35 new products alright I’m all finished with the products after using there confusing and time consuming process of getting products online, just hit publish and it will be on the net: WRONG: publishing is’nt loading the page onto the net, the old store is still there. Well after trying to publish 4 times in the next two days and anxious to get the store running. I get on there live support that runs sometimes and once in a blue moon and the guy clics off on me after he can’t figure out why, i clic on it again and it says try back later, damn it i say and phone them only to be greeted with french language recorded messages. After suffering through this version I finnaly get to click number nine and get english recordings letting me know customer support is’nt available after 5 pm. I thought 1400 bucks and they can’t have someone 24 hours when many people are working on there web sites after 5? so I email and email and email with no reply, so here i sit three weeks later and hours of uploading products and no reply or help from CLIC.NET for some reason unable to publish to the internet and I have such an investment in a company that either only cares about getting new sign-ups, or won’t communicate or help with english speaking people. I personall;y believe they have blocked certain stores from being able to publish there stores either to save space on there servers or because who knows? I dont think they give a damn! and too bad cause I’m gonna let everyone know I just wish I had listened to the rumors I heard before signing up, sad price to pay only to find out. Live and Learn. Thanks Clic.Net for nothing.

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