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Founded: November 11, 1999 [?]
Location: Texas, United States [?]
Domain: CFDynamics.com
Title: ColdFusion Hosting ColdFusion MX web hosting CFDynamics
Domains: 79,342 [?]
Traffic: * * * * * [?]
Average: (3.0)

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2 reviews

Anonymous { Customer for less than 3 months}

Ok, I’ve only been with these mofos for about a day, but I am going nuts because of the excellent customer service and deals. How can you beat 20 gig file transfer per month, 1 gig hard disk space, and Free SQL SERVER (and lots of db space too!) for only 50 bucks a month?!!!! And no set up fee! That’s a great deal! If you pay Hostcentric over 100 bucks a month, you still won’t get as good a deal! (former host was hostcentric).

And most of all, they have excellent customer service! The only 10 times I called them , i got a real person, no machine (the last 4 times I called just to see if I could get a machine — no luck) I had to make up some sorry excuse for wasting their time hahaha! Oh, and support by email? ha! No ticket number to right down baby. They respond to you right away! They make it feel like they’re one of your buddies workin on a project with you. Here’s a quote: “I just can’t wait till we add the [new stats reporting engine]“.

Just from that statement, you can tell they’re probably a developer like you are! But it doesn’t stop there! The same guys who offer technical help also offer customer service. Ain’t that crazy?!

And last but not least, they have an **incredible** stats reporting engine. I don’t really use it cuz I don’t really think anyone would want to see my pathetic site, but some of you might like that stuff. Graphs, charts, customize reports, u name it!

If you are tired of writing down ticket numbers, and pressing 3, 6, 2 to talk to Bubba Jenkins at [your current host here], then that’s 80% of the reason you should switch. well at least for me.

I don’t know how these guys stay in business spoiling people like me! But I hope they keep it up! Now you know why I gave them a 5? Now, if you can convince your homies that Cfdynamics is one heck of a hosting provider like I have, you might want to check out their reseller programs and make profits from your friends! MUWHAHAHA!

HENRY { Customer for less than 3 months}

Is last review a joke?!

I used CFDynamics just as a UAT for my client. But for less than a month, I could not stand it any longer.

Poor admin panel.
IT’S TOTALLY MESS. TOTALLY. You can never find anything without submitting a support ticket and wait for a day.

Poor performance.
Slow than my development machine. Even it’s own website is down many many times.

Poor support.
I could hardly visit its website to even submitting a ticket.

Poor price.
With such a quality, 35USD/month is a crime! If I pay 3.5/month, I could expect such quality and fine. But I am paying 10 times now, how could I accept this?

I cannot say enough bad review about CFDynamics.com. Even worse than Brinkster. Brinkster at least has a cheap price…

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