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Ares Network

Ares Network

Founded: July 9, 2000 [?]
Location: New York, United States [?]
Domain: AresNetwork.com
Title: Ares Network | Main
Domains: 108,594 [?]
Traffic: * [?]
Average: (2.0)

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Anonymous { Customer for more than 2 years}

I have been generally happy with Ares Network, with whom I have been for a couple years now. However, recent events have caused me to look for new hosts. They changed webmail programs without warning some time ago. This was a bit of a hassle, but I could live with it. However, recently I realized that in the process one of my key mailing lists that I had been developing was deleted. When I asked about this via their support system, I didn’t get any clear answers. With other problems recently I have also been incredibly frustrated with their support, in that they have not been answering my questions directly but given me information I clearly already had based on what I had written in my requests for support.

In spite of all this complaining I should say that over the past couple years the system has been fairly reliable, only going down occasionally. (For example, right now I can’t access my email.)

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