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Founded: August 10, 1998 [?]
Location: California, United States [?]
Domain: Aplus.Net
Title: Web Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Web Design from Aplus.Net
Domains: 51,494 [?]
Traffic: * * * * * [?]
Average: (1.0)

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3 reviews

Anonymous { Customer for less than 3 months}

They had a package that included website creation software. It had a “glitch” in it that completely messed up my home page and the way it was set up it either had to be fixed or done completely over. I sent them muliple emails and they would not get back with me. I talked with someone and he said that he would send the problem to the appropriate person and still I received no response. This wasn’t the first or last problem they refused to even discuss with me. When I cancelled a full 11 days before service was to be billed again they took the money out of my account and refused to answer intial emails about refunding my money and then point blank refused.

Anonymous { Customer for 1 - 2 years}

I signed up with Aplus a year ago, so they may have had improvements since I ‘tried’ to host with them.

I had been using a company called silversrever.com to host my personal website prior to trying aplus. Silverserver went out of business and left me high and dry w/o any refunds for services not provided.

Aplus looked attractive as far as features and disk space, so I signed up with them. That’s where my nightmare started.

They offered domain name registration with the hosting service. Since I already had my .com name registered, I decided to have a .tv extension as well. Their sign up page read “sign up and get your domain name free…ie yourname.com, yourname.tv, yourname.org” After contacting customer service for setup, they canceled my .tv registration and said that I’d have to pay an addition $50 for a .tv registration. I pointed out that they gave yourname.tv as an example on their sign up page. They insisted that I would have to pay $50 for it. I checked the sign up page a week later and they had removed the yourname.tv as an example. I felt thes was very unethical.

Then I received my credit card statement. I was double billed somehow. I had my credit card company take one of the two charges off my bill. Aplus promply shut down my site.

I went back and forth w/their customer dis-service and billing dept for about a month and decided just to forget about the $119.

I’m hosting with a local company now. No worries when you can talk face to face w/someone if you need to.

David Davies

As a hosting service they are fine, uptime isn?t as good as they say but reasonable for the price and all features work fine.

Their customer support and respect to customers is sadly lacking.

Due to an initial mix up with _their_ accounting process our hosting service could not be activated for about 4 weeks and our domain registration took a further 2 weeks. No fault of ours.

Very annoying but I can understand how problems like that can happen, so we overlooked it after we were promised that the hosting period would be adjusted accordingly.

What WAS totally unacceptable when their automated systems cut off our site 6 weeks earlier (without even sending an invoice or a warning e-mail) the attitude of their representees was dogmatic and belligerent.

Despite providing them with e-mail records from the original incident they persisted to ignore what had occurred and would not back down from a factually incorrect position. Meanwhile our site was offline.

Had they simply acted honourably we would have renewed our service (better the dog you know) and it was ridiculous that they would persist in antagonizing an existing customer (that had stuck with them after initial problems) over the matter of a few dollars, when all the evidence clearly showed that they were in the wrong.

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