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Founded: November 17, 1999 [?]
Location: Ontario, Canada [?]
Domain: AffordableHost.com
Title: Grand Rapids,hosting,managed server,server colocation,*affordablehost
Domains: 295,774 [?]
Traffic: * * * [?]
Average: (1.7)

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7 reviews

Lili Finn { Customer for 1 - 2 years}

After having used AffordableHost for more than a year with no problems, they suddenly suspended my website without any notice. They claimed that my Moveable Type installation, which I had used every day up until then with no issues, was suddenly “crashing their server”. All of the experts I have asked say that such a thing is impossible. I discovered quickly that the only way to contact a person at the company “real time” is to enter their IRC chatroom. I sat in that chat room for four hours asking repeatedly for details of the supposed “server crash”, only to be told unhelpful things like “Moveable Type is cr*p, you should switch to something else”. In the end, the owner, Tina, became rude and sarcastic, but finally admitted in the open chat room that she had been lying about the “crash”!

As of this writing I am attempting to move to another host and have discovered that AffordableDots. com, which is a domain name service owned by the same company, is holding my domain name hostage- they changed my login without notifying me and I have now waited approximately 36 hours waiting for a response to my trouble ticket which will tell me how I can login and unlock my domain.

I strongly advice people to stay far, far away from AffordableHost!!!

Patrick MacDonald

I have been with Affordable Host for a little while now. So far I have experience top notch support with excellent professionalism by Tina Peters the owner. And they also own and control their own datacenter. These other reviews saying Affordable Host is bad are a joke. They are the best hosting company I have come across in a while. They have won awards for their great service. Try them out, you will not be dissapointed.

Great job Tina.

Megan { Customer for more than 2 years}

I’ve been a customer of theirs going on 5 years. I have also happily recommended them to at least 6 of their past and present customers. I’m assuming my problem is a result of this dotCanada buyout/whatever.

I have 2 URLS, one of which is a cheap-o, $25 annual renewal. I just paid the renewal fee 2 days before it expired. I decided to check out my site the other day to find out my site expired and someone else bought it. Irritating? – most definitely, even more so when it’s your first and last name dot com, even MORE so when anything you had on that site has apparently vanished. Needless to say I am more than irate. They cashed my check and someone else now owns my domain. The only response I’ve gotten out of anyone there was asking for my receipt. I have not heard anything else in the last day or two.

I would like to warn anyone that was considering this company to host their site to NOT TO CHOOSE THEM. This is really, really bad and I’m extremely embarrassed that I ever recommended them to anyone – let alone the other smaller frusterating, mounting problems I’ve had with spam, webmail, changing passwords, etc. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

Orez Ero { Customer for more than 2 years}

Once a great web host, the owner sold the company name and low-end customers to dotcanada. Now it’s like the building is literally empty. Servers crash; sites remain offline for days; nobody answers the phone; and technical support requests simply go unanswered for days, sometimes weeks, at a time.

John Freeman { Customer for more than 2 years}

Affordable host has repeatedly changed things that caused either my web site to stop working or my e-mail to stop working or to prevent access to change my web site. I often found their staff to be rude and not address the questions I was asking. And all of this was before they were bought out by DotCanada. I’m afraid it’s even worse now. And the only reason I’m still there is the big pain in finding someone else, and moving my web site and other data.

John Q. Public { Customer for 1 - 2 years}

I am a former customer of AffordableHost, and once considered myself to be a friend of Tina’s. Let me make something clear: Tina and her employees ROUTINELY create accounts at places like this to post pro-Tina/pro-Affordable Host messages/comments feedback. That is a widely held belief at several forums and message boards. She may have run a tight ship in the past, but she is now (and has been for some time) in way over her head. As I said, I used to consider her a friend, but the truth is that she has shown herself to be a moody, arrogant, b**ch in every sense… Take my advice, find someone (anyone) else – you aren’t paying someone so that you can beg for service. If you enjoy being abused verbally and belittled, Tina’s yer man…

Rather B. Anonymous { Customer for more than 2 years}

I’d rather keep my name anonymous because I am still a customer with them, but my experience is similar to all the others recorded here. I was really happy with them for a very long time and then they suspended a site for no reason and didn’t even tell me, failed to respond to emails until I threatened legal action, failed to resolve lots of long term problems and were just generally rude. It’s a shame because I’d been so happy with them for so long, and things are going okay now, but I’m worried about when the next thing goes wrong.

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