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Why You Shouldn’t Have AdSense on Your Company Blog

Any respectable wannabe Web 2.0 company has a company blog, because – well – all the others have.

iPowerWeb has been running their blog since March 2007. It’s surprisingly active with close to 400 posts in less than nine months, so it looks like they are pretty serious about their blog.

Two things make them look less professional though:

  • They are using Blogger as their blogging platform
  • They are running ads on their company blog

For some weird reason iPowerWeb is showing Google AdSense ads on their company blog. I can’t think of one good reason to do this, but several reasons to why this a bad idea come to mind.

First and foremost because they are showing ads for competing web hosting companies on their own blog:


Does a company which host more than 700,000 websites really need the extra dollars AdSense brings them? In my opinion it’s almost as stupid as monetizing your users 404 pages.


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