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Digg Year in Review – Most Popular Stories

Year in Review

Digg.com has been incredible popular in 2007 and is growing from day to day. Now at the end of the year it’s time to look back and see what made the frontpage of Digg.com in 2007.

Top 10 most popular stories month for month:

January 2007

24917 Apple Announces iPhone
16661 DuggMirror – We all use it every day – Time to show it some love by digging
14570 Women gives birth, wakes up without arms or legs
11872 PirateBay Plans to Buy Sealand and Become Own Country
7705 The Funniest Sorry Note I Have Seen…
7472 New York teen sues record Industry
7316 Massive list of sites all self learners should know about!
7086 Widescreen video iPod with touch controls announced!
6904 Freakin Awsome : Your Desktop on Steroids.
6856 Official Apple iPhone Website

February 2007

10196 pic of Aqua Teen “terrorists” laughing in court
9410 Digg Needs a Picture Section
8230 Dear Kevin Rose, Please Create a Photo Section – Sign The Petition
7505 The Complete Ownage of a Woman
7383 What If Kid’s Drawings Were Done With Skill?
6990 I hate Macs
6974 How awesome is this for getting a test back from a professor?? [image]
6768 Nintendo: Customer service gone shockingly right
6712 Courtney Love does the math, or Why you needn’t shed any tears for the RIAA
6553 This billboard sign cannot be displayed.

March 2007

8235 This Animation will make you hallucinate
7931 Turn google into your own free napster
7705 Just another beautiful Sunday for church….oh wait (pic)
7425 What you always wanted to write on your exams but couldn’t [IMAGES]
7401 1 Miiiiiillion Users
6858 Advice to Young Men from an Old Man
6802 Family takes a picture of themselves every year for 30 YEARS!!
6788 Vista cracked totally by Paradox – Microsoft’s in trouble now
6371 Google Suggests You Swim Across The Atlantic Ocean
6345 Incredibly Strange 3D Rotating Website Menu

April 2007

7240 Massacre at Virginia Tech: 25 Confirmed Dead
7077 Geek Culture [PICS]
6502 Picture : Someone who is gonna HATE going to work tommorrow
5853 Funny Bathroom Graffiti (pic)
5659 PICTURE: If you were in a hurry, which door would you chose?
5613 Need a Windows XP key? Google can help!
5268 A set of REALLY spectacular desktop wallpapers
5254 A Firefox Bankcard! How cool is that?
5252 How you could look in the next 4 years if you start body building now

May 2007

45503 Digg This: 09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b-d8-41-56-c5-63-56-88-c0
14665 Digg users right to freedom of speech, 50,000+ diggs strong!!
13756 Can you see the hidden image?
13002 BREAKING ANNOUNCEMENT: The new Microsoft Surface
10430 I Support Kevin Rose and Digg
9801 Man arrested, cuffed for using $2 bills at Best Buy
9295 Scientists cure cancer, but no one takes notice
9252 Pharma Wont Fund Cancer Cure, But You Can. Cant Donate? DIGG!
9078 Spybot Search & Destroy Bows To No One!!
8727 HD-DVD key fiasco is an example of 21st century digital revolt

June 2007

19997 Digg The Digg Button!
12055 The Most Awesome Pic EVER
10870 THIS is how you deal with lazy police [PICTURE]
10061 Paris free = Justice fails
9701 Safari on Windows
9521 Woman tries to buy all of the iPhones at a store and gets owned.
8947 I witnessed a murder today… [PICTURE]
8322 Nations who have not yet adopted the metric system (pic)
8300 Chris Farley Lives!! [PICTURE]

July 2007

17761 A Better ‘Digg This’ Button
15352 The iPhone is a piece of shit and so is your face
13601 Paris Hilton loses inheritance
8716 Will it Blend? – iPhone
7407 Computer teacher pwns l33t h4x0r kid in his class. Classic.
7107 So, as of yesterday, If you protest the war, the Prez can take your stuff
7062 Digg Users, Please Do Not Submit Harry Potter 7 Spoilers. Seriously.
6886 RIAA LOSES – Orderd to pay $68,685.23 in Legal Fees
6705 write upside-down text!
6685 Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch Station…[pic]

August 2007

9919 Digg Its Been Almost 3 Months, Can We Get A New Comment System Now?
9882 Photo taken With and Without Flash
9354 Digg in the 90s [pic]
7530 Kevin Mitnick’s Business Card [pic]
7465 I just got my iPhone back from Apple and… LOL
7444 iPhone unlocked. AT&T loses iphone exclusivity!
7158 PLEASE Digg this story up. This boy needs help, get his story out PLEASE
7080 Gonzales Has Resigned as Attorney General
7049 Digg – New Design
6493 Undercover NBC Dateline reporter bolts from DEFCON 2007

September 2007

9336 Digg this if you’re tired of IE costing you money! (no ads involved)
9065 An open letter to iPhone owners from Steve Jobs
8800 Man Arrested after Saying No to Prostitute
8289 Why net neutrality is important [pic]
8100 1GB 20 years ago and 1GB now!!! [PIC]
7753 How your lawmakers vote (unbelievable video)
7485 ThePirateBay.org files charges against media companies
7036 Digg’s picture of the Year [PIC]
6408 Apple’s iPod Touch gets official
6256 Digg – The Pictures Section!

October 2007

16964 The best video of Ron Paul: everyone please digg!!
8461 Fashion tips for women from a guy who knows dick about fashion.
7517 Pikachu’s Vagina Brings Happiness to Children [sfw/pic]
7440 “Second Earth” found–20 lightyears away!
6970 **DIGG THIS** Radiohead’s In Rainbows Just got bought for over $1,000 (PICS
6727 Carmen Sandiego finally found! // pic
6637 Ninja Parade Slips Through Town Unnoticed Once Again
6375 Kevin Rose in new Captain America comic??
6237 The Office: Screensaver scene
5904 Al Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize

November 2007

9285 Thank you Firefox!! [PIC]
8567 Loyal to the End (PIC)
8181 Paper, Rock, Scissors. Who is the true winner? // Pic
7382 Surfer Dude Stuns Physicists With Theory of Everything
7330 Ron Paul sets record $4.2 million in 24 hours.
7163 Best Photographer Dad Ever!
7091 Awesome YouTube Costume [ Pic ]
6861 I kid you not: What to do when your computer randomly plays Fur Elise
6714 25 Amazing Photographs Taken at the Exact Right Time [PICS]
6676 Hilarious Apple Ad. Enough Said.

December 2007

8585 Kid gets detention for using firefox
6706 Ron Paul Supporters Make History with $6 million Online Haul
6683 RonPaul2008.com THE Tea Party starts Tonight @ MIDNIGHT!
6568 Ron Paul Owns Neil Cavuto on Fox News
6306 “Gotta Digg” The official Digg song! Super Bowl Finalist
6234 Pakistan’ Benazir Bhutto killed by suicide bomber
6118 Ron Paul Hits 12 Million!
6064 Why nerds have the reputation that they do [PIC]
6055 Please Ignore Ron Paul.
5988 12 clips of topless greased up women playing Wii


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